John 10:10 "I have come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly."

When the Son of Man returns will He find any faith on earth?


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Gary Downey

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Gary, I came upon your site because of your abasing grace video. I have a Facebook page Why Christmas? It’s calked that because it’s not a season or festival but a living relationship. I am doing a series on old hymns starting tomorrow (Sunday). The old ones contain the blood and the cross. I hope to look at your new site when it comes.


Your one YouTube video was published 8 years ago. When will you complete your dream of a webpage?
Blessings abundant to you and yours always,
Your Sister in Christ


? your background picture of the clouds?. I pray that your new site is offering what u advertise. In JESUS’S NAME I PRAY

Scott Tucker

Pls share prophecy with the masses.


I just recently came back to the Lord. That song Amazing Grace on your YouTube channel broke my heart, in a good way. Praise God! I thank God for you, brother. I want hear more of that. Amen.

Marty Logue

Looking to get permission to use the Amazing Grace video in my sabbath school class that I will be teaching this sabbath on the life of Jesus.


I watched your video of “amazing grace” and I found this site.
I am curious what you believe and what you will tell to people.
There were many people that met Jesus when He was on Earth but not all believed in Him and not all followed Him until the end.
In this life we have a partial knowledge but most important is to have Christ in heart.
But someone cannot be in Christ if he is not part of His Church, because the Church is the body of Christ.
You said you are a Christian but that is not enough. Every christian is afilliated with a denomination and takes part of that sistem of belief.
I’ve had a friend that said the same thing about himself ”I’m a christian” and never revealed to me what kind of christian he was. I found later by mistake, if you believe in mistakes, from a person, when I was in a “trip” that my friend was… of another kind… Why he was afraid to reveal that to me I don’t know, maybe of fear to be judged.
Every truth follower wants to be in Truth and he will never stop until he will find the entire truth that can be revealed to man in this life. It is a thirst he cannot deny. The path is not without dangers and takes great attention and sincerity towards God not to be lost.
In this life we are meant to choose between good and evil, between life and death, between blessing and curse, between light and darkness, between truth and lies… may you find your happiness in Truth and His True Church.
God bless you in that!

Shawn Kim

Jesus Christ is everything!

Howard Dorman

I would like to buy a hard copy of the recording of Amazing Grace performed by Gloria Fouchi. Can you let me know where that recording is sold? Thank you for your help.


Hi… I have found your youtube video online (link below) and wondering if I have permissions to use it in our church service this Sunday (Dec13).
Please advised ASAP if you can.
Thank You.

Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church
Jarvis, Ontario, Canada

Jenny Rosvall

hi gary, is there any cost involved to signing up? havea nice day/ jenny


Hi Gary,

Beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace on YouTube (link below as my contact website). Perhaps before you post, you’d like to fix a few typos in the written lyrics? Happy to share the ones I found.


Herb Johnston

Do you know where, or who-, recorded..the version of amazing grace that is on your channel? It is appreciated, and a blessing.
Thank you very much.

Hermann Gruber

I’m German and I’m excited to see what’s coming

Wendy Taylor

I was watching on YouTube video of amazing grace. The video of the three people handing on the cross.

I would like to ask where you got the photo of the three on cross.

If you are winding I was there. It was done on a house I lived on.
As you can change my mind. Where was this photo taken is all I am wondering. If you could help Mr this much.

Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor

Thank you

Andrew Haliburton

Long story, but you may have changed/saved my life :)…..Thank you for you taking the time to post the 2021 video, got to it by the 73m video (which I love) but what you chose to put up beside it matters.

Keep fighting the good fight and TYVM Sir

Debbie Pike

Gary – We would really like to use your video for our mother’s funeral on the 17th May 2021 but the funeral directors will not use it due to copyright laws. Please could you give your consent to allow us permission.

Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Alberto Rivas Hernández

Hello .. I am a mexican senior I am 72 Yeats old. Sorry
I don’t speak or write English Well
I still learning the English
I was born in MÉXICO
I live un Querétaro City
Can You admit me un tour group ?

Stephanie L Ross

Hi Gary,

I loved your video of Amazing Grace. Very moving.

One suggestion: please correct the spelling of “condemn.” Someone left off the “n.”

Blessings to you,


Graeme Connell

Amazing Grace


Hi Gary
Who sings that wonderful version of Amazing Grace you posted on Youtube?
Bless you

Tony Mair

Hi Gary. Just enjoyed the Amazing Grace video. Just FYI, I spotted a couple of typos. Share (Snare) and Sorrowfull (Sorrowful). Regards, Tony

Brian Ross

Just watched your Amazing Grace video..

Mightily impressed, so here we are..

Look forward to hearing from you when you’re all set and ready to go.


Brian Ross


you helped me find my way back to jesus the greatest hero of all and because of this you are a very significant hero in my life as well thank you and god bless you and all his children and thank you jesus hallelujah i am saved!


you helped me find my way back to jesus the greatest hero of all and because of this you are a very significant hero in my life as well thank you and god bless you and all his children and thank you jesus hallelujah i am saved!

Jason St

Thank you for finding this lost sheep!

I look forward to your wise words!

God bless

Jason, Chester – England.


Hi, Just Found Your Site. So Happy. Look forward to hearing from you. Amen


Just wanted to point out a typo in the lyrics for Amazing Grace. Shining only has 1 ‘n’…it is not shinning…that’s pronounced like sinning.

Paul Mucciarone

I saw (AMAZING GRACE) video on You Tube and It was so beautiful and so well done, it brought tears to my eyes and lifted my heart!!! I’m so inspired with this video that would like ask you if it is possible for me to purchase the video on DVD for my personal use?
Please let know.

May GOD Bless You And your Family
Paul Mucciarone


there’s only, but 1 faith my brother Downey. let’s set the standard high& keep it lift’d up[Jesus] for all the world: that is, whosoever has not commit’d the unforgivable/unpardonable sin ofHoly Ghost blasphemy! happily &humbly, i submit; in Jesus’s name~sisteregina k. bc i’m saved. he’s my elder brother & his Father is my Father.

Heidi Reynolds

I came to your website some time ago and their was a video of a terminally I’ll child in a convent. Where can I find it.

Edward Boswell

There is a lovely theatrical version of Amazing Grace on Youtube that has a couple of spelling mistakes. ‘Toils and Shares’ should read ‘Toils and Snares’ and ‘Bright Shinning as the Sun’ should read “Bright Shining as the Sun’. Would it be possible for you to correct these and republish please?


Gary – I need spiritual support now. I’m a big time sinner but seeking light. I’m in Mpls. Send me an angel or at least a true believer. If this is about money, well you confirmed my take on religion.


Gary Downey

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